Reducing Pool Maintenance Cost

Commercial pools require a lot of resources to maintain. The pool operator must use industrial-sized boilers, pumps, chemical systems, lights, filters, control devices, and other equipment to run these enormous pools. What can you do, then, to lower the price?

Save money on water

  • Install a solar cover to reduce evaporation
  • Only backwash when needed
  • Limit draining
  • Avoid leaks by maintaining your skimmers, coping, expansion joints etc…

Save money on electricity

  • Make sure your are using a correctly sized pump
  • Replace old pumps with newer more efficient variable speed pumps
  • Check the plumbing systems, incorrectly size piping can stress your pump
  • Change your lights to energy efficient LEDs

Save money on chemicals

  • Upgrade the pool to an alternative sanitation system such as UV, Saltwater, Ozone etc…
  • Test the water more frequently to verify what is required
  • Upgrade your chemical feeder

Upgrade the pool equipment to be automated

The ability to measure, monitor and gather data on individual systems is a fantastic source for analyzing pool systems and reducing waste. Setting alerts and automatic responses and actions can control the pool water and energy consumption to a targeted level.

Data is gathered by a controller from the installed sensors, immediately recorded, and reported. The information gathered is shown on a pool control dashboard and provides a wealth of data that the program processes to provide intelligent reports that assist the facility staff in identifying and swiftly resolving any issues

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