Chlorine Shortage and what you can do about it

Chlorine tablet shortages, which started during the pandemic, are still present in the United States as a result of two devastating chemical plant fires. How will this affect your summer swimming pool?

Continue reading to find out more about maintaining a pool during the 2022 chlorine shortage and how you can still use your pool in the summer despite it.

Pool Maintenance Advice for the Chlorine Shortage

Pool owners are considering whether to implement a Plan B or continue chlorinating their pools themselves due to the ongoing chlorine shortage. If chlorine tablets are out of reach, whether because of cost or availability, take these steps into account.

Increase the frequency of water testing

During the ongoing shortage, testing your pool water frequently can significantly lower chlorine consumption. Instead of regularly adding chlorine tablets to the water, swimming pool owners will be able to tell when their pools actually need chlorine. The amount of bacteria in the water can also be decreased by showering before swimming.

Use a professional pool service company

A pool service provider is a good option if you can’t find the chemicals you need to keep your pool clean. If chlorine is unavailable, hiring a service may be your only option even though it costs more than cleaning the pool yourself.

Convert your pool to alternative sanitizers.

Converting your pool to a saltwater or UV system is one way to completely eliminate the need for chlorine. While there are undoubtedly some high initial costs associated with the conversion process, maintaining an alternative sanitizerr pool over time is much less expensive than maintaining one that is chlorinated. Because saltwater pools do not need to be cleaned with harsh chemicals, many pool owners prefer them.

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